Pet of The Week: Xena Alexander (April 5, 2014)



“I wanted to name her after a female superhero and Xena seemed to fit.”, Stefanie Alexander



Xena Alexander

 Dog Name: Xena

Guardian’s Name:  Stefanie Alexanderimages (1)

Dog Age:  1 year & 10 Months, will be 2 in May

Dog Breed: Rottweiler

Siblings:  3 feline step sisters, and I live with my mom at Grandma and Grandpas house.

Classes attended/attending: Attended puppy kindergarten, currently attending Manners & Self Control

Sports I participate in: Running outside, chasing my sisters

Show Competitions I am in: Competing for the most attention in the house


Being named after a warrior princess is very fitting as the Rottweiler  ancestors were the drover’s dogs accompanying the herds the Romans brought with them when invading Europe. The controllable herding and guarding instincts were recognized by the Germans, and dogs were selectively bred for these traits.

Robust and powerful, the Rottweiler is happiest when given a job to perform. His intelligence, endurance and willingness to work make him suitable as a police dog, herder, service dog, therapy dog, obedience competitor and devoted companion. An inherent protector, the Rottweiler is self-confident and responds quietly and with a wait-and-see attitude to influences in his environment. He must be medium in size and his coat is black with rust to mahogany markings. (AKC Rottweiler Page)




my favorite things

My favorite place to sleep is:  In my mom’s bed

My favorite holiday is: The one where my mom goes to the pet store, she always comes home with a new treat or toy!

My best friend is:  My old roommate Micki

Me and Old friend Micki

Me and Old friend Micki

My favorite treat:  Peanut Butter

My favorite toy:  Kong!

My favorite television show is:  The Walking Dead, I love to bark at those things wandering around!

My favorite season of the year is:  Winter, I love to chase snow balls!

My favorite playtime activity: Tug of war, chasing bubbles

Tug rope time!

Tug rope time!


Ball, again!

Ball, again!






images (1)


                XENA… Narnia’s Pet of the Week

  1. How I picked my family: I crawled into my mom’s lap and would not let any of my brothers or sisters up, then could not stop kissing her face.
  2. When I grow up I want to be:  Grow up?  Hah, I will always be a puppy at heart
  3. My nickname is:  Z, Donkey, Dog Face, Z Girl…  I have many nick names
  4. I look really cute when I:  Want something from my mom
  5. The biggest mess I ever made was:  I was just playing outside in the mud with my roommate, I was so proud of how dirty I got I wanted to go inside and show everyone in the house.  My mom didn’t like that very much…

    Muddy dog!

    Muddy dog!

  6. The first thing I ate that I wasn’t supposed to:  I didn’t know there were things I’m not supposed to eat!  But I sure did enjoy my Grandma’s lasagna once, she even left it out on the table and everything for me before she walked away!
  7. The one time I was a hero was:  When I picked my family
  8. The reason I love coming to Narnia for classes is:  I get to meet so many new people!!
  9. I am really good at:  My Chewbacca impression
  10. I am sometimes afraid of:  The hairdryer
  11. The one thing I can’t resist is:  Getting a good belly rub
  12. I think my siblings are:  My family is great, I love each and every one of them.  I like my step sisters until they swat me in the face and run away..



  13. My toughest challenge so far has been:  Learning to “drop it”
  14. If I spoke my voice would sound just like  Milla Jovovich and the first thing I would say is: “Why do you have so many names for me?!”


Snow Dog!

Snow Dog!


we are family

Please share something that you learned from your dog and what they have meant to your family.

I have re-learned the joys of owning a dog.  We had a family dog when I was growing up, and after having to put him down due to old age, I was not sure about getting another dog for awhile.  But then I realized how much I love them and along came Xena.  She is not only my pet, but a companion as well.

What is the most important point you learned about your relationship with your dog did you learn from your class time at Narnia?

I learned that I just have to have patience with her, and that we make a pretty good team.

What is it about their particular breed that you are fond of?

One thing that I love about Rotties is their faces and the expressions that they can make.  Also, I like how loving they are, and that they are sometimes a big klutz.

My puppy days!

My puppy days!


​No one told him that he’s not a toy breed, so at some point he’s going to plop onto your lap for a cuddle. Because of his original job as a super-smart and confident guardian, though, you’ll need to put in the time to train him and teach him solid social skills and harness his natural territorial instincts in a positive way. He has to know that you’re in charge, even if he is twice your size. Your hard work will be rewarded with a loyal, loving best friend. (AKC WOOFipedia)


Thank you to Xena and Stephanie for their participation in this weeks interview, we wish you all the best in your future endeavors.



Pet of The Week: Max Griffin (August 17, 2013)

When I asked Max’s Mom the question of what is it about their particular breed that you are fond of?, she responded with a very profound answer based on the heart which we should all consider when judging a breed rather than based on urban myth and perhaps not even scientific canine behavior studies.  

If you check out their markings, Rottweiler is a beast that always smiles and has 3 hearts, one that’s beating inside and two that he wears on his chest! How cool is that? I love them for what they represent: selfless loyalty, intelligence and courage without arrogance, strength without vice and beauty without vanity. There has been a lot of bad rep surrounding this breed caused by many ignorant or violent humans. I guess I like to do my part in proving those opinions wrong. So far so good….

If you asked my family they would say I am: Handsome.

Handsome Boy- 6 months

Handsome Boy- 6 months

Handsome is the perfect word to describe this fellow.  I think we can all agree, Max is a looker and a worthy recipient of this weeks Pet of The Week.

Max’s Basic 411

Dog Name: Max

Guardian’s Name:  Justyna and Greg Griffin

Dog Age: 6 months

Dog Breed: German Rottweiler

Siblings: Gypsy is an 11-year-old shepherd mix female rescued from a pound at 7 months of age

Classes attended/attending:  Max graduated from Kindergarten Puppy and currently is attending the Self Control and Manners class

Sports I participate in: so far: Pouncing and tug of war.

Sporting/Show Titles I have earned: Nothing yet but my dreams are high.

"Yum"  11 weeks old

“Yum” 11 weeks old

How I picked my family: When Justyna, Greg and Gypsy came to meet me and my siblings they really focused attention on me and my brother. While my brother was busy squabbling with our sisters and stealing their toys, I wanted to be polite and get to know our guests. Gypsy was nice and didn’t bark at me. She even let me grab her leash and take her for a walk around our yard. Justyna and Greg were great too. I could feel their calm and positive energy right away. When Greg and Justyna were talking to my Creators, I climbed up on top of Justyna’s bag and her sweatshirt (she had left them on the ground), I looked at them and whimpered “come on, I’m ready – let’s go home”.

When I grow up I want to be : A certified Assisted Therapy Dog. Years ago, one of my cousins who belonged to Justyna, was an AKC certified therapy dog.  I know she loved visiting other humans with him. Justyna works with children at a hospital and I would love to one day start going to work with her.



My nickname is: Maximus Jones Griffin – don’t ask – it’s a long story….

I look really cute when I: Sleep belly up.



The biggest mess I ever made was: When I was very young and I tried to help with gardening.

The first thing I ate that I wasn’t supposed to: Justyna’s freshly potted flowers.

I didn't do it...honestly

I didn’t do it…honestly

The one time I was a hero was: I tried to protect Justyna and Gypsy from a person wearing roller-blades and  a long pink tutu, huge pink helmet and goggles – she looked very scary!

The reason I love coming to Narnia for classes is: When I first started I could play with other puppies. Now they don’t let us off leash anymore but it’s still fun to watch everyone – some dogs are so silly!



I am really good at: Eating, pouncing, playing with my toys, bugging Gypsy, kissing and I guess at some tricks Justyna’s been teaching me.

The one thing I can’t resist is: Stealing Greg’s socks.

I really want that bone!

I really want that bone!

I really, really, really want that bone

I really, really, really want that bone

No, I mean I really, really, really want that bone!

No, I mean I really, really, really want that bone!


My toughest challenge so far has been:  Not to tackle Gypsy when we are running free out in the fields and not to put everything I find on the ground into my mouth.

I am sometimes afraid of: I’m not sure what it means to be afraid…. oh, maybe a little of that loud and growl machine Justyna takes for a walk around the house, vacuum something….I still haven’t figured out what’s that all about.

My best friend is: I have many – they all hang out in the sandbox, in our park.




My favorite place to sleep is: By Justyna’s feet.

My favorite holiday is: I haven’t decided yet – still have a few to live through. For now my favorite  days are Tuesdays, when Greg is home and Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, when Justyna doesn’t have to go to work. The best day of a week is always when everybody gets to stay home!

My favorite treat:  Cheddar cheese stuffed hollow bone.

My favorite toy: Any toy that Gypsy has in her mouth.

My favorite television show is:  “Bones”

My favorite season of the year is: This first summer of my live has been awesome so far…

Kiddy Pool 1 - 14 weeks

Kiddy Pool 1 – 14 weeks

My favorite trip was when we went to: We’re always going somewhere but I love places with lots of children like River walk in Naperville, parks and playgrounds. I also like to go on hiking trails. Shopping trips are fun too.

My favorite quote is: “If you can eat it now, why save it for later?”

My favorite playtime activity: Tug of War.

My favorite canine movie is: I haven’t been watching much TV but Justyna keeps talking about this “Otis and Milo” story. I want to see it but I remember one time, when I was much younger, I met kittens in a pet store and they scared me with their hissing….



 Questions with Mom, Justyna Griffin…

Please share something that you learned from your dog and what they have meant to your family.

Throughout the years I have been honored to own 3 Rottweilers, a German Shepherd, a Pure American Mutt and a Black Lab.  Dogs in my life have always been constant reminders of how important compassion is. In return for their unconditional and never-ending love, companionship and entertainment they provide us with, the least we can do in return is to show we care, to advocate and to educate on behalf of those who cannot voice their fears, concerns and opinions.

The therapeutic quality of dog – human interaction amazes me every day. I had a privilege of witnessing its benefits first hand after my Dad’s stroke. He never responded as good to a human therapist as he did to our two dogs, a Rottweiler and a Lab. That was the reason I certified my Rottie to be an Assisted Therapy Dog.

How/Why the dog’s name was chosen: Gluteus Maximus is the biggest muscle in the human body. After meeting Max’s father we knew that one day he’ll become a one big muscle mass.

What is the most important point you learned about your relationship with your dog did you learn from your class time at Narnia?

It’s been years since I was in training with a puppy and I’m grateful to Narnia for accepting me and putting me right back into the wonderful world of learning Dog. I remember from my many past years of dog training the fascination with human – dog interaction that resulted in a perfect communication without words. I strongly believe that the most important thing every owner has to learn before they attempt to train their dog is full respect for their animal’s needs, potential, limitations and, yes, their feelings. The next thing is patience. If you recognize how important those two components are you will have a lot of fun learning with your dog.

Our Family

Our Family