About Us

We are a Pet Behavior and Training center with three locations.

We offer classes, seminars, and workshops; as well as personal and in-home training. Our Behavioral specialists are available by appointment to work with your pet on it’s special needs.

We teach your family benevolent leadership – no, you don’t have to be a bully to get your dog to do what you want. Being calm and patient will help you communicate with your dog in a way he can understand.

We help you work with your dog’s unique personality and use training to build a bond based on trust and respect.

Narnia has grown during the past 20 years to become nationally recognized and respected in the dog-training industry. Along the way, Narnia has helped tens of thousands of area pets (and their humans) live in harmony. We’re ready to do the same for you from our three locations:

Naperville/Plainfield, Lisle, and Lockport, Illinois.

Even though are staff has a variety of backgrounds and professions, we all have one thing in common, our passion for animals.

Feel free to contact us here to learn more about becoming part of the Narnia family.


One response to “About Us

  1. Hello there- gotta love these sweeties. I learned of them through my friend David Duke when he got Cedar. I’m having a hard time tracking him down because I wanted to invite him and Betsy to a photography Exhibit I am showing in August7 at the Lisle library.
    The Details are
    Friday August 7 from 6-8 pm Lisle Library
    777 Front street
    Lisle, IL
    David has expressed an interest in my photography and I’m hoping you can pass along this information to him. I would love it if Dave and Betsy could make it- and CEDAR TOO!!!
    my email is jillby@me.com and I would like to send them a promo flyer.

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